Northern Colorado Vex VRC
Competition Trailer

At the beginning of the 2022-23 Vex competition season, Berthoud Robotics took over
management and maintenance of the northern Colorado Vex VRC Competition trailer
(colloquially known as the "
ActionWorks" trailer).

Presently the trailer is available to Vex VRC event partners in the Colorado Front Range
and southeastern Wyoming at no charge to the EP. In addition, the trailer is being
driven by BRC volunteers between Berthoud and the event location.

If your organization would like to use the trailer on a weekend not listed below please contact the
BRC trailer administration by sending mail to:

The trailer consists only of Vex VRC equipment (no VIQC fields/objects).

All of the information on this page only applies to the 2022-23 season. BRC may make changes to the use of the trailer and may
charge for the use of the trailer equipment in the future. That is all TBD and depends highly on how the 2022-23 season unfolds.

Equipment in the VRC Trailer

  • 4x competition field perimeters and towers with electronics and floor tiles
    Fields are mostly assembled in the trailer. Please keep them assembled.

  • 2x sets of Spin-Up competition objects

  • 2x portable audio systems including Microphones/Speakers/Stands

  • 4x tablets for referee scoring

  • 9x laptops for running tournament software

  • 3x portable cases with equipment for field operation

  • 4x televisions of varying sizes for the competition audience and results/standings

  • Electrical cables and power strips suitable for dual competition pit areas

  • Cables for all of the electronics, fields, monitors

  • Tools for field setup and takedown

  • Miscellaneous items for the tournament itself in limited numbers such as clipboards for judges and referees who is filling out the match results on paper, robot sizing tools.

Event Partner Responsibilities

  • Contact BRC early via email
    There is only one trailer so reserve your weekend and trailer usage early).

  • Meet with the BRC trailer volunteers to discuss what equipment your event needs.

  • Plan to attend the tournament before yours because those are the people that are loading the trailer which you will be unloading next. It will make your life a lot easier if you are familiar how the trailer looks that night (it'll look that way when the friday night before your tournament).

  • Learn how to use TM. BRC volunteers can run you through and make sure things look good but you have to have your event codes and have a vague idea of how the TM software works to run your tournament.

  • Reserve the trailer a very nice parking spot so loading/unloading is easy.
    The trailer likely will stay in that parking spot until the event is over the next day. Please make sure that is acceptable or you get the BRC volunteers to relocate the trailer before they go home for the night.

  • Be mindful of the BRC trailer volunteer time. These volunteers likely have a much longer drive home than you do once setup is finished. Work to get the parts of the event setup that arrive on the trailer set up and operational early so that the BRC trailer volunteers can head home.

  • Things NOT in the trailer that the EP will need to provide

    • One ream (500 sheets) of 8-1/2 x 11 printer paper (match and playoff schedules for the teams, queuing volunteers, referees and judges) produced the day of the event by the TM software.

    • Printed current game manuals (for referees and judges)

    • Printed judging materials (rubrics, notebook score sheets, interview score sheets, ...)

    • Printed referee scoring sheets (see the => Tournament tab at the very bottom of the page for links to the ones we used if you can't find one you like).

    • One floor rug per field to cover the cabling between the TM server and main monitor and the fields. This avoids a major trip hazard for referees and the teams.

  • Be sure you can identify your gear vs the BRC trailer gear. Keep BRC trailer fields/tiles together (don't use trailer tiles with your field walls, we'll never be able to figure out who's gear belongs to whom). Don't use trailer parts, objects on your fields.

  • Schedule field setup the night before the tournament starting around dinner (the start time is negotiable but you will spend no less than 1 hour and more likely 3 hours or more setting up depending on how much equipment is used)

  • Unload/Setup volunteers: 3 per field + 4 for common. (for 3 fields, you will need about 16 dedicated volunteers). BRC volunteers are there to provide guidance and tools for the setup, not to actually "do" the trailer unload and field setup.

  • Once the event equipment is set up, the EP is the main contact. BRC trailer volunteers aren't part of your tournament volunteer staff (unless you can convince them to volunteer for the event). They have tasks to do throughout the tournament separate from the event volunteers. Those trailer volunteers will likely be taking down the skills fields while the playoff matches are happening.

  • Teardown/Load: Again, 2-3 volunteers per field to efficiently get the tournament equipment torn down and hauled to where the trailer is located. Follow BRC trailer volunteer directions on what to take apart and what to leave attached to the field walls. Make sure you load the tiles into a tile bag. Collect your equipment and keep it separate from the BRC trailer equipment. Loading of the trailer happens under the direction of the BRC trailer volunteers so that everything is safely packed and secure for the trip home.

BRC Responsibilities

  • Prior to your event

    • Windows updated are performed

    • TM software is up-to-date (beware of late TM updates)

    • Confirm equipment is operational (mostly an issue for the first tournament of the year)

  • Evening of setup

    • Haul the trailer to your event

    • Help direct the unloading and field/electronics setup

    • Direct event volunteers on field alignment, setup and connections to the electronics.

    • Help with initial TM setup (opening your pre-configured TM database or downloading from RobotEvents)

    • Ensure fields and computers are working, skills can connect to the server and tournament displays are operational

  • Day of the event

    • Make sure software and setup survived the night

    • Provide guidance to get the audio system operational for the introduction and driver meeting

    • Provide help with the first couple of matches with some training for the TM operator, the emcee and the head referee for a smooth morning.

    • Field Q/A about the field hardware as needed and other technical questions.

  • After the event

    • Field teardown. Teardown of skills can occur once the skills fields are closed. Don't take too much apart. It should look the same as when you unloaded it from the trailer the night before.

    • Haul and load the trailer

    • Confirm all the BRC equipment is back in the trailer.

  • Haul the trailer back home

What can you do as an EP using the trailer?

  • BRC is not currently charging a fee to the hosting organization (equipment deliver/use).

  • Consider donating a piece of equipment. Contact to ask what we might need.

  • For the 2023-24 season, we likely will need field objects. Consider using your EP discount to provide a set of field objects which we can pack in the trailer and take with us at the end of your event (you can have it back at the end of the season).