Northern Colorado Vex VRC
Competition Trailer

The trailer is available to Vex VRC event partners in the Colorado Front Range
and southeastern Wyoming.  For the 2024-25 season we will charge a fee for delivery and equipment/tools/electronics.

If your organization would like to use the trailer on a day not listed below please contact the
BRC trailer administration by sending mail to:

The trailer has only  Vex  VRC  equipment  (no VIQC fields/objects).

Equipment in the  VRC Trailer

Changes for the 2024-25 Season

Berthoud Robotics will charging $150 per event for trailer usage to cover the following expenses (the charge may be more if your event is a LONG way from Berthoud):

Event Partner Responsibilities

BRC Responsibilities

First 2024 Trailer Event (CECFC 10/28/23)

This event used 4 sets of field walls + tiles and 2 sets of field objects from the BRC Trailer in conjunction with 2 sets of field objects from CECFC.  Two match fields and two skills fields.  All of the field control, displays, audio, printers and laptops were from the trailer.