1069K - Awkward Cats

The Awkward Cats

Shown below receiving the Excellence and Robot Skills Awards at the Montrose CO Centennial Challenge, 2/18/23.

Above, 1069K Wins the Judges Award at the Stargate Tournament, 2/4/23

Shown above competing12/2022 Berthoud VIQC tournament at BHS

Vex Worlds 2022 - 5/9/22

Above: 1069K Wins the Design Award at the 2023 Colorado State Championship
and qualifies for the 2023 VexIQ MS World Championship, Dallas April 30, 2023

Below: The Awkward Cats during a judge interview at the 2023 Colorado State Championship.  The Judge interview and the team's engineering notebook were key to the team winning the Design Award which focuses on engineering processes, documentation in addition to the teams overall performance at the event.  In this photo the judges are being briefed on the programming techniques used to control the robot during student controlled driving matches and the autonomous operation during programming skills matches.

A Winner in the 2022 Vex Poster Design Online Challenge