Berthoud Robotics

Berthoud Robotics (BRC) is a non-profit robotics club loosely affiliated with Berthoud area schools to provide competitive robotics/STEM opportunities to students from grades 3-12. Berthoud Robotics is a leading robotics club in Colorado, qualifying multiple teams for the state, national, and international championships.

BRC currently has teams competing in the
Robotics Education Competition Foundation's Vex Robotics Competition programs.

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For 2021-22, the VexVRC game Tipping Point (for HS teams) and the VexIQ game Pitching In (for MS and ES teams) will provide challenges moving, lifting and placing various objects. Click on the game links to find information about each game's rules/elements. See the videos below for an introduction on the two games for this season. The REC Foundation Online Challenges provide an additional method of channeling your competitive robotic and engineering interests. For online robotics, please check out the online programming environment which allows you to get used to the programming tools that BRC teams will use for all events to program simulated robots in virtual environments.

Vex VRC Tipping Point Game Video
Vex IQ Pitching In Game Video