Berthoud Tournament
1/22/22 @ BHS

Tournament Outcome

Congratulations to all the teams who competed and a special thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the tournament a success. Awards and qualifications to state and other post-season tournaments can be found here (Awards, VIQC-21-6407 and Awards, VRC-21-6406). Thanks also to ActionWorks, who provided much of the equipment and guidance to get the tournament going and cleaned up.

Tournament Location

Berthoud High School
850 Spartan Avenue
Berthoud CO 80513

Online Waivers

Tournament Saturday 1/22/22 - BRC hosted a combo VRC and VIQC tournament (with judging)

Tournament Volunteer Information

BRC will need volunteers to help set up on Friday evening (6pm @ BHS) and volunteers for the day of the event. Remember there are two independent tournaments in action at BHS this day so we need double the number of volunteers. If you need volunteer hours please be sure to let us know and we can get a letter of appreciation for your volunteer hours emailed to you after the tournament (and be sure to sign in at the volunteer table).

Positions we need are:

    1. Judges (all day)

    2. Referees (all day, training in the morning)

    3. Queue managers

    4. Tournament Manager operators

    5. Field Reset (a good job for younger siblings)

    6. Concessions (distributing pizza and soda at lunchtime, general concessions the rest of the day including early in the morning dishing out Breakfast Burritos)

    7. Inspection (8:00am through 9:30am)

    8. Volunteer Checkin

    9. Team Checkin

    10. Tournament Emcee/Announcer (whole day)

Tournament Attendance Information Packet

Images from the January 2022 VRC and VIQC Tournaments at BHS

Tournament Sponsors and Support Organizations