Tournament (Sat 12/5/20)

Tournament Saturday 12/5/20 - BRC will be hosting both a Vex VRC and VIQC tournament at Berthoud High School.

  • There will be no Judging and no Judged Awards (no Excellence/Design/Judge awards).
  • Normal Tournament Play (with Tournament and qualifications per the VexVRC or VIQC Tournament Qualification Criteria).
  • Skills Fields will be available

  • Setup volunteers meet either at BRC HQ at 5PM or at BHS at 6PM Friday 12/6/19

  • Checkin Volunteers meet at BHS at 6:45AM Saturday 12/7/19

  • Tournament Volunteers meet at BHS between 7:15 and 7:30AM Saturday  12/7/19

Sponsors and Support Organizations   

General Information
  • Berthoud Robotics will be hosting PERFORMANCE ONLY VexVRC tournament on December 7, 2019.
  • The event will be held at Berthoud High School (850 Spartan Avenue, Berthoud CO 80513)
  • The best parking for teams will be in the EAST parking lot.  Overflow and spectator parking is available in the NORTHWEST parking lot.
  • VexVRC Tournament:  RE-VRC-19-8951
  • VexIQC Tournament:  RE-VIQC-19-8952
  • BRC will need volunteers to help put on this competition.  This volunteer service can be used to fulfill any service hour requirements.
  • Please use the links below or RSVP to if you would like to volunteer.  Indicate what roles and times you are available.
    Also indicate (via email or at the tournament sign-in) if you would like a written acknowledgement of your volunteer hours (for school, scouts, NHS).
    We will provide a letter indicating volunteer hours via email after the tournament.
  • VIQC Tournament Volunteer Signup
  • VRC Tournament Volunteer Signup
Volunteer Positions & Time Committment
BRC Specific Volunteers
  • Setup (Friday night and Saturday morning).  Break down fields at BRC HQ.  Transport to BHS and assemble.  Help get everything organized Saturday morning.
  • Volunteer management (snacks, lunch, drinks)
  • Volunteer check-in (need one person from 7:45 to 12pm, hang near the front door, ok in 2-hour shifts).  Link to Volunteer Checkin Role Details.
  • Team checkin (need 2 for max of 2 hours at the beginning of the day only). Link to Team Checkin Role Details.
  • Team (pre-ordered) food management (snacks, lunch, drinks).  Place pre-orders at 9:30am.  Receive ordered food at 11:15am, deliver food+drinks to team tables for lunch.
  • Concessions management (pizza by the slice, donuts, candy bars, drinks, cinnamon rolls, breakfast burritos, ...)
  • Sponsorship and media management (publicize and get sponsors)
  • Pre-Organize food vendors prior to the event (used for the lunch pre-order sheet)