Tournament (Sunday 3/21/21)

Tournament Sunday 2/14/21 - BRC will be hosting a VRC tournament
Tournament Sunday 3/21/21 - BRC will be hosting a VIQC tournament

  • RobotEvents Link: VRC Berthoud Skills-Only + Judging Tournament 2/14/21 (RE-VRC-21-3632)
  • RobotEvents Link: VIQC Berthoud Skills-Only + Judging Tournament 3/21/21 (RE-VIQC-21-4224)
  • Teams will select inspection, skills run and judging interview times from a set of available time slots.
  • Notebooks will be submitted digitally as a single PDF or .AVI/.MP4 file and the link made available for viewing by the judges remotely.  Notebooks will be turned in about 4 days early.
  • Tournament will generally consist of a main Google Meeting with breakout rooms
  • Links to time slot selection and notebook submission forms will be emailed to registered teams the evening of 2/8.
  • The tournament will be live-streamed to Twitch.TV/BerthoudRobotics (this will include the matches and awards presentation)
  • The introduction to the tournament and the drivers meeting will be available online for teams to view in advance.
  • Colorado State Qualifying Awards:   Excellence, Design and Robot Skills Champion  (for in-state teams)
  • Other Awards:  Robot Skills 2nd Place

Links to the VRC Tournament 2/14/21 Online Meetings:

Links to example documents to provide for judging:

Sponsors and Support Organizations   

General Information
  • If your team does not have a field setup that you can use, the BRC field setup can be reserved for your use.  Teams and up to 2 coaches will be able to come to our headquarters in Berthoud for their time slot.
    Send mail to to make arrangements.
  • BRC will need volunteers to help put on this competition.  Send mail to  if you are interested in being a remote referee or remote judge
  • Referee/ScoreKeeper (need 1 full day or 2 half day referees).  Link to VRC Referee Role Details and VIQC Referee Role Details.
  • Judges  (involves some time prior to the tournament to review electronic notebooks and then about 4 hours on the day of the event to conduct interviews and decide on awards).