Berthoud Robotics is a non-profit robotics club loosely affiliated with Berthoud High School and Turner Middle School. In the 2019-20 robotics competition season, Berthoud Robotics is fielding 5 VexVRC and 3 VexIQ teams with approximately 50 members. In the 2018-19 season we fielded our first elementary school VexIQ team. Berthoud Robotics is a leading robotics club in Colorado, qualifying multiple teams for the state, national and international championships.  The Berthoud Robotics VRC/IQ teams will compete at multiple of events. In 2017-18, Berthoud Robotics were awarded the top Colorado State Championship awards for both VexIQ and VexVRC and in 2018-19 we repeated having the top VexVRC team in the state.

The VEX Robotics Competition is the longest established elementary, middle and high school robotics program with more than 20000 international teams from 60 countries playing in over 1650 tournaments worldwide.

For 2019-20, the VexVRC game Tower Takeover (video) and the 2019-20 VexIQ game Squared Away (video) will provide challenges moving, lifting and placing cubes.  Click on the game links to find the information about each game's rules/videos/elements. The REC Foundation Online Challenges provide an additional method of channeling your competitive robotic interests.

Email if you would like to have a robotics club introduction or if you are or have a student interested in Robotics. Intro Sessions for BHS/TMS Students+Parents for the 2020-21 School Year at our 328 Massachusetts Ave Headquarters by appointment.

Vex VRC Teams
  • 1069E - Critical Mass (HS)
    • Excellence Award, Tournament Champion (Windsor 11/9/19)

    • Skills Ranking #2 in CO and #176 (of 4247) in the World (18-19)
    • Excellence Award at the Colorado HS State Championship
    • 2019 Vex World Championship Competitor (Vex Worlds 4/25/19)

1069E 2019 CO State Champions
Berthoud Robotics Teams @ 2019 State Championship

VexIQ Teams
1069K Judges Award CO State Championship
2018-19 BRC VIQC State Qualifiers