3D Printing

A gracious Berthoud resident has donated a 3D printer to Berthoud Robotics so that we can enhance our member opportunities.

The printer can be used in the following ways for any BRC member that has the required training to use it.  Email the president@berthoudrobotics.org if you would like to receive training.

Priority projects
FREE:                Prototype objects for BRC Vex Online Challenge Submissions
FREE:                BRC VexVRC or VexIQ related objects (printing temporary replacement robot parts or field elements)
$0.25 / 10g:    BRC team projects or fundraising objects (BRC supplied filament)
$0.50 / 10g:    BHS projects where the printer at BHS is not available (user supplies printer compatible filament)
$0.75 / 10g:    BHS projects where the printer at BHS is not available (BRC supplied filament)

On a time available basis (discretion of the BRC board as to use and priority calls)
$1.00 / 10g:    Any BRC member personal printing where BRC supplies an available filament
$0.50 / 10g:    Any BRC member personal printing where member supplies the printer compatible filament
$2.00 / 10g:    Non-members printing where BRC supplies an available filament
$1.00 / 10g:    Non-members printing where printer compatible filament is provided

Object models must be disclosed to the supervising BRC board member before starting and any objects may be rejected at the sole discretion of the supervising board member and there is no recourse .  Objects with significant (overnight) run time will be given significant scrutiny.  If you have such a model you may want to contact BRC to see if we can print it at our convenience.  Note that the Loveland Library has the same printers available for residents at similar costs.

If you would like to use the device, please contact president@berthoudrobotics.org to have your request considered.  We are currently allowing only ABS and PLA and single-extruder compatible objects.  BRC does not have heads compatible with flexible, carbon-fiber or conductive filaments.

The next official BRC 3D printing training will be held on Saturday August 31, 2019 from 10-11am at the HQ (328 Massachusetts Ave).