2012-2013 Proposal

This is a proposal for next year, the 2012-2013 season.


Currently there are approximately 30 team members divided into 5 teams.  Each team has approximately 6 members.  At the beginning of the season a team of coaches take into consideration past teams and incoming members and try to fairly distribute the team members into teams.  Each team has been provided the previous years robot and a budget for parts for the new year.  Part requests are sent through the head coach who orders the parts.  Parts are distributed at the request of the team members with the team members responsible for the pickup of the parts.

Currently the use and distribution of the parts has been managed exclusively within the teams.  At competitions, parts are openly exchanged between teams with little to no tracking.


Team Assignment

Team assignment is NOT the main focus of this proposal, but some considerations are worth mentioning.

As teams work together during one season, bonds and friendships are built.  These friendships often are the motivation for members to continue year after year.  Beyond history and friendships the following must be considered in team formation:
  • Distribution of skills - Teams need engineers, builders, drivers, programmers, Drafters / Drawers.
  • New Members - Incoming, inexperienced new members
  • Member preference - Current members that desire to switch teams
  • Team strength - Teams must all have the opportunity to succeed
Discussion first between the adult coaches and then extending the discussion to the club is recommended.  The current system of assignment may be working fine for all parties.

Some other considerations:
  • Minimum requirements of a team member as far as team meetings
  • Academic probation - potentially adopting similar rules to sports
  • Distribution of members after the start of the season
  • Team meeting locations

Part Distribution

This is the main emphasis of this proposal.  

Initial distribution

To start each team the following items would be distributed to each team:
  • Large Stanley toolkit
  • Plastic organization box 
 Quantity Item Description
 1 Large Stanley ToolkitUsed for organizing large items, such as motors gears etc.
 1 Plastic organization box    Used for organizing small items such as screws, nuts collars, etc.
 1 Vex Net System Bundle(1) VEX Cortex Microcontroller
(1) VEXnet Joystick
(2) VEXnet USB Adapter Keys
(1) VEXnet Backup Battery Holder
(1) USB A-A Cable
 1 Partner Controller   
 1 Coiled Handset CableUsed for connecting the Partner Controller to the Main controller
 1 Programming Hardware Kit 
 1 Robot C 
 5 Safety Glasses 
 3 5/64" Hex Driver 
 2 3/32" Hex Driver 
 1 Toolkit(1) Open End Wrench
(1) 3/32" Allen Wrench
(1) 5/64" Allen Wrench
 4 7.2V Robot Battery NiMH 3000mAh Robot batteries
 2 Smart Charger w/Optional Power Cord For 7.2V Robot Battery
 1 VEXnet Joystick Power Adapter For powering Partner Controller
 24 AAA NiMH Rechargable batteries 
 1 AAA Battery Charger 

At the end of the season each team will be required to return the above parts in good working order.

Additional Parts

All teams will have a budget to purchase additional parts.  The budget will be set at the beginning of the season taking into consideration the current parts inventory and the funds available.

Each team will be given a gift card already registered to the Bethoud Robotics Store (http://store.berhoudrobotics.com) .
Each team will be assigned a login to the store where their gift card is registered.  At this store, they can purchase either new or used parts.  Used parts will be discounted to encourage teams to utilize existing inventory before purchasing new parts.  In addition used parts will not carry a shipping charge or tax.  

Ordering procedure
Team members will log into the site and purchase, similar to any other ecommerce site.