Berthoud Robotics is a VEX Robotics club loosely affiliated with Berthoud High School and Turner Middle School. In the 2017-18 robotics competition season, Berthoud Robotics is fielding 4 VRC and 4 IQ teams with approximately 50 members. Berthoud Robotics is a leading robotics club in Colorado, qualifying multiple teams at the national and international level.  Last year the eight Berthoud Robotics VRC/IQ teams competed at a multitude of events, received a variety of awards, placed well in the Vex Driver's Skills and Programming Skills competition and three competed in the Colorado State Championship.

Following up on our 2015-16 season where 1069H competed at the VexIQ Worlds Championship, BRC in the 2016-17 season sent 1069H and 1069K to Worlds. In addition, we sent 1069F to the Create US Open High School Championship. These teams performed well against the best teams from the United States and from the World.

The VEX Robotics Competition is the longest established middle and high school robotics program with more than 16,000 international teams from 40 countries playing in over 1350 tournaments worldwide.

For 2017-2018, the VexVRC game IN THE ZONE (video) and the VexIQ game RINGMASTER (video) will provide challenges picking up and scoring the oddly shaped objects.  Click on the game links listed above to find the information about each game's rules/videos/elements. The REC Foundation Online Challenges provide an additional method of channeling your competitive robotic interests.

If you our your student is interested in robotics, please send mail to
or stop in at our headquarters located at 328 Massachusetts Avenue

Vex VRC HS Teams
  • 1069A - Atomic Sparks
  • 1069B - Argonauts
    • 2016-17 Excellence Award (Roosevelt)
    • Invited to 2017 Create US Open
    • Ranked 573rd in world skills  (of 5102)
  • 1069E - Critical Mass
    • Ranked 594th in world skills  (of 5102)
  • 1069F - Livewire
    • 2016-17 Excellence Award (Windsor)
    • Competing in the 2017 Create US Open
    • Ranked 950th in world skills  (of 5102)
Vex IQ MS Teams
  • 1069G - V.I.N CENT
    • Ranked 2146th in world skills  (of 4252)
  • 1069H - Elite Machines
    • Ranked 510th in world skills  (of 4252)
    • Teamwork Champion Award (Fox Rocks)
    • Competing in the 2017 Vex Worlds (4/20/17)
  • 1069J - Juggernaut
    • Ranked 723th in world skills  (of 4252)
    • Invited to 2017 Vex Worlds
  • 1069K - Kryptonite
    • Ranked 410th in world skills  (of 4252)
    • Judges Award (Co State Championship)
    • Competing in the 2017 Vex Worlds (4/20/17)
School Affiliation
  • IQ - Turner Middle School
  • VRC - Berthoud High School

BRC To Host Vex Competition
Join Berthoud Robotics as we host a tournament at Berthoud High School, Saturday December 2, 2017.
We have a variety of volunteer opportunities if you would like to help or drop by to support the Berthoud Robotics teams in the BHS gymnasium from 9:30-3:30pm (free admission).